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The Urbana Group was established in 2011, with the idea of providing the Calgary area with a quality rental shop. Urbana is the owner's beloved late grandmother who taught our family the importance of hard work, kindness, and love. Our passion for customer service is what’s driven us from the beginning, and it continues to push us each day. At Urbana Rentals, we believe that offering the best rental products, even the most basic of items, can make a big difference in the lives of our customers.


Get To Know Us

Neil Headshot.jpg


Operations Director / Big Guns

You'll see Neil at all the events. He is usually the one who is carrying all of the heavy things.

Neil isn't just a pretty face with large biceps. After graduating with his Economics Degree from the University of Calgary, he started his career as an entrepreneur. He owned and operated MVP Barber Shop for around 10 years and shortly after selling his business, started working with Abby at Urbana Rentals. 

He's also Abby's husband, but that's just a small detail.


Creative Director / Event Coordinator

Abby got her start in the events industry when a friend asked her to help plan and execute her wedding for her. She fell in love with the organization and problem solving needed to plan an event and shortly started Urbana Rentals!

Since 2011, she's been planning and supporting various events, mostly weddings. What gives her the most pleasure is to see her clients stress free and enjoying themselves at their events!


PhotoBooth Operator / Resident Photographer

Zand: Do u like this pic? Or this pic? 

Everyone: They're exactly the same.

Ah but they're not to our resident photographer, Zand! She is able to capture and edit the most minuscule details in photos so that they're perfect. She is the genius behind building the best combination of camera and lighting with our PhotoBooth and she even has her own Photography practice that you can check out here.

Zand has been into photography as long as she can remember - the beauty of catching amazing moments made her a match for the Urbana team! Not to mention that Urbana was also her grandmother as well!

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